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It all started when I moved to Tulum two and a half years ago...

I fell in love with this place instantly, even though Tulum had lots of challenges to navigate...

 I had been a traveler backpacking the world before Tulum for a year and a half...

So, surely I could figure out Tulum with ease, right? 

Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. 

I thought I could figure it out on my own.

Boy, I was wrong.
I wasn't prepared for the curveballs that were about to come my way...

What were those curveballs?

I QUICKLY learned... 



PAYING MORE & getting ripped off because I didn't know the ropes.

The "NORMAL THINGS" are completely backward, kind of like living in the WILD, WILD WEST.

Google was NOT always reliable.

Spending HOURS of my precious time trying to find accurate resources & answers.

The infrastructure was challenging due to my LACK OF KNOWLEDGE about power outages, wifi issues, storms, water issues, etc...


And finally, all the unreliable information about the Shamans, safety, the cartel, & the "corrupt" police. 

The List goes on...

How diD I navigate
the curveballs?
Through every hurdle, I became more knowledgeable.

Like the time I got my scooter towed. 

Think that would be a simple process

Think again.
I went on a frustrating four-hour hunt trying to get my scooter back. 

It was a NIGHTMARE. 

Knowing what I know now... 

The experience would be much less painful.

That's just one of many examples.

There are so many things I wish I had known from day one that would have saved me so much time, hassle & money.
My SECRET ingredient TO becoming a Tulum EXPERT

Little did you know, 

I became a GANG LEADER

when I moved to Mexico...

I'm serious...

Not of the Cartel, but a womens group called 

"The Tulum Girl Gang."

 7K+ women joined in just two years...

 All these women shared their questions/challenges about Tulum... 

 So, I learned how to solve 

 THEIR problems in Tulum as well. 

 You can imagine how many questions I've seen managing 7k+ women!! 

 I have become one of the most respected & trusted go-to resources in Tulum. 

 And I'm so excited to share all I've learned with you.

A FEW of the MANY messages I've received...

There is FINALLY a guide that has EVERYTHING YOU NEED... 

 available for ALL who visit Tulum... 

 whether it's for a DAY or a YEAR. 

 Skip the STRESS and challenging learning curves. 

 So many people have been asking for 
this guide, and it's finally available. 

 It has become my mission and passion to support those coming to Tulum. 

 OUR GOAL is to make your life easier... 

 & to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to NAVIGATE Tulum LIKE A PRO.
Here's Exactly What
You'll Discover
Inside Tulum On A Budget...

Four must-know areas in Tulum so you can feel confident & safe while navigating Tulum like a ninja. 

Never stress out over wifi & connectivity issues with our tips & hacks that keep you from losing your marbles (or your job).

 Access 5+ IMPORTANT tips to avoid getting scammed or overpaying for things.

Access our most memorable & affordable, under-the-radar activities that will show you a side of Tulum that typical newbies don't get to see.

 Access incredible yoga and wellness classes that don't leave you losing your zen when it comes time to pay.

 Access 19+ of the most photogenic places in Tulum so you can capture magical memories in Tulum.

Avoid fake Shamans named brad with our plant medicine ceremony guide to make well-informed decisions that keep you safe. 

 Learn how to get FREE access to the beach & parking so you don't fall into the tourist traps. 

 Get a FREE daybed with this ONE hack, so you have a luxury experience at the beach without spending hundreds for it.

 Get INSTANTLY plugged into the Tulum community with 34+ Whatsapp chats, so you never feel lonely, unsafe, or bored.

 Access a list of the most trustworthy and affordable spots that only the locals know about. Prices can be up to 3x less.

 Have access to the contacts needed in case of emergencies.

 Access two resources that keep you informed on all things crime-related, natural disasters, or other important news-worthy information. (You won't find news channels on your TV) 

 Access detailed tips to navigate the world of crime, corrupt police, and other Tulum curve balls if you find yourself in a challenging situation.

Access the transportation guide, which covers everything from the second you get off the plane. Know your options, costs & what to watch out for.

 Learn the ABCs of driving in Tulum, so you don't get hurt, arrested, or in trouble. 

 Never have a question unanswered! FREE access to message Ally, the author, with any Tulum-related questions.

Save tons of time & hassle by having all things Tulum in one place.

About The Author
Ally Cavosie

Ally Cavosie quit her corporate job in 2018 and never looked back. 

 After traveling to 13+ countries in a year and a half and 23+ countries total, she settled in Tulum, Mexico, in July 2020 to plant roots. 

 Ally has become a go-to resource for many in Tulum. 

 She's a 3x business owner, 2x best-selling author, Founder of The Girl Gang, a speaker, & biz coach helping others leave their soul-sucking 9-5 job & build a biz they love.
Here's exactly what
you're about to get your hands on...
Tulum Basics Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

The #1 thing you need to know when you arrive in Tulum is to make it an epic experience.

 Access everything you need to know about reliable Wi-fi.

 Learn the top 3 tips to stay safe when exploring Tulum. 

Everything Money Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $200 Value

Learn how to transfer money for free Internationally.

 Learn how to convert USD to Pesos WITHOUT technology so you know exactly what you're spending.

 Learn about spending complexities in Tulum and how to avoid the hassles. 

Helpful Hacks Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $200 Value

Avoid mosquito bites & how to fix the itch if you get bite.

Know what kinds of other critters to look out for.

 Learn my number one hack to avoid moldy clothing. (This can happen in a few days or less in Tulum)

 Learn what to do to avoid getting sick with parasites (common in foreign places) & what to do if it happens.

Tulum Community Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

Get access to the largest woman's and men's network in Tulum to find your tribe of people. 

 Build community & friendships fast through our different tools & resources.

  Get access to all of Tulum's communities INSTANTLY.

Tulum Activities Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

Get access to under-the-radar, top-rated salsa events, and classes.

 Get access to the wellness community & events in Tulum.

 Access my favorite six affordable tourist activities.

Driving In Tulum Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $200 Value

Understanding Insurance for your scooter.  

 Top tips to keep you out of jail and not getting scammed by Mexican police when driving.

 Top hack to keep your scooter or car from getting stolen. Avoid getting towed and what to do if it happens. 

Transportation Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $200 Value

Save lots of money by knowing your transportation options.

 Know all your options to get to and from the airport.

Understand travel costs, how to do it safely, & with ease.

Learn the pros and cons of the different transportation options.

Buying A Scooter Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $200 Value

Know the top tips to avoid getting scammed when buying.

  Learn How to register a scooter as an Expat.

 Find out important info on buying new vs. used.

 Learn hacks on registering a scooter without paperwork.  

Cheapest & Best Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $200 Value

Never pay tourist prices again with access to these epic hacks.

 No need to waste your time researching; the people on this list are the cheapest & best.

Never sacrifice quality for a low cost by visiting this location. 

Tulum Safety Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $300 Value

Know where to go and where not to go when in Tulum.

 Understand the landscape of Tulum when it comes to the cartel and police to keep yourself safe.

 Learn our top three tips, so you never put yourself at risk in Tulum.  

Locals Know Where To Go Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

Have access to all necessary & important emergency contacts in one location.

Know what to do if your phone gets lost or stolen.

  Get the information for any service you could need.

Staying Long Term Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $300 Value

Understand how bank accounts work in Mexico for foreigners.

 Learn how to avoid federal and state taxes on your first 108k USD of earnings as a resident of Mexico!

Learn about important tax tips when living in Mexico!

Learn how to get cheap rent!

Act Fast Bonus For the first 20 people who buy today!
Bonus #1: 34 WhatsApp Chats
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

This will get you instantly connected in to the pulse of the Tulum community. 

 Find out about tons of events and activities that are taking place.

 Get instant support with any help you need.

Bonus #2: The Business Resource Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

Need a safe taxi driver? Want to get groceries from an organic farm? Need a gym? Access lots of options for anything you need. (You can't just find these on google) 

 Access a one-stop spot to find whatever you need to save you lots of time. 

 Add your own business or service to this list to provide your service to others to grow your business.

Bonus #3: Txt Message Access To Ally
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

Have a goto friend in Tulum if any questions come up so you know you've got at least one person in your corner. 

 Feel safe knowing you have a local friend who can help guide you. 

 Never feel lost or confused in Tulum while you're here. Feel instantly supported.

Feel like you have a tour guide in your pocket.

Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value
Bonus #4: Tulum Facebook Group Guide

Get a list of 48+ Facebook groups in an organized fashion based on whatever you need. 

 Get access to Tulum's hottest Party groups. 

 Get access to 7+ real estate groups to find a place to rent or buy! Get access to very active facebook event groups.

Bonus #5: Tulum Event & Business Facebook Marketing Guide
Here's What I'll Show You l $100 Value

Ready to market your services in Tulum? This is an organized strategy to get tons of visibility & clients. 

 Gain knowledge on how big the groups you target are and what each group's promotion rules are.  

Here's Why this guide would
normally cost $2,000

If you were to go to Tulum without this guide... 

 You would be responsible for figuring out 

all of this stuff on your own. 

 This is a compilation of everything I know 

after two plus full years in Tulum. 

There is just no way you would be able to figure out ALL this stuff on your own, quickly, without going through trials & tribulations. 

 I could give you live training on this stuff... 

 But to cover JUST the basics, we would need about 5 hours... 

 & my consulting costs are 250 USD an hour... 

 So getting that type of time 1:1 would get expensive... 

 Having 24/7 message access to get consulted would also normally be part of one of my larger 1:1 or group programs... 

 But by buying this GUIDE, you get it for FREE

 One of the reasons I can offer you this guide at this price is that I don't ship you anything. 

 You get the entire book, access to me & bonuses (found below) INSTANTLY. 

 Because of that, I'm releasing Tulum on A Budget today at the lowest rate possible...

7 Days To See It All Or Your Money Back
If you don't like it, we'll refund every penny & let you keep everything as our apology for wasting your time.
7-Day Money Back

Look, we know there are LOTS of guides out there. 

We know some are awesome, and some aren't. 

That's why we want to give you access to everything for free & have a 7-day free trial. 

 Cancel anytime, for any reason. 

We know how hard it is to find sound advice, so we don't want to
waste anyone's time.

Here's all you need to do now

To get your hands on Tulum On A Budget right now...

Have your credit card ready. 

 Use our secure order form below (enter e-mail & CC). 

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What Are you Waiting for?

I need to give you one final warning before you decide to buy or not buy. 

 If you decide NOT to get this guide... 

 Consider this: 

 Where could you land by opting out? 

 By not buying today, 

you are leaving your experience up to CHANCE 

on how it turns out. 

 There's nothing WORSE 

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Don't make your life harder than it has to be. 

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  • Access FREE yoga and motivational/educational videos! 

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