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Living to the fullest in Tulum — Local secrets to saving tons of money, avoiding time-consuming headaches, and enjoying every second while in Tulum! 

“Tulum on a Budget: Local Secrets to Save Thousands, Avoid Newbie Mistakes, and Have an Incredible Time ” by expert traveler Ally Cavosie has the answers! 

Ally has mastered all the nitty-gritty when it comes to making the most out of living in Tulum. Using her hard-earned insights, you will: 

* Deep dive into Tulum basics: You’ll get detailed advice on things like protection from the police, avoiding unsafe plant journeys to understanding detailed transportation basics & the different areas of Tulum. Ally has all the tips you need to navigate every street like a native 

 * Make the most out of your money: Keep your finances safe and save tons of hard-earned dollars using tips on how to avoid tourist prices, avoid being ripped off with ATMs/ Money exchange, and even learn free ways of transferring money internationally. 

 * Turn up the fun: Immerse yourself in the culture & community without burning a hole in your wallet using Ally’s recommendations on the best spots and activities. 

 * Get Ally’s exclusive BEST and CHEAPEST list: From the best restaurants to the cheapest (but very relaxing) spas and Spanish teachers, you will get an all-access sneak peek into Ally’s well-guarded list. 

And SO MUCH more; this list barely skims the surface! . Being in a new place is always intimidating. Unless, of course, you get game-changing guides like “Tulum on a Budget”! Whether you’re staying for a few weeks, or a few years, this is a must-get guide if you are new to Tulum. Don't try to do it alone.

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